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Introducing the Accredited Home-Staging Specialist (AHS) Course
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Created by a professional home stager/interior designer with over 22 years experience and then professionally transformed into a cutting-edge multimedia course.  This course is revolutionary because it offers you a way to get a very comprehensive understanding about home staging at your convenience.  This course shows you exactly how to help your clients to stage their house for a faster sale.  Not to mention that it will affirm you as genuine real estate professional by offering staging as a true value-added service.  No other home staging course offers this amount of comprehensive information at such an affordable price!

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"The National Association of Realtors recently announced that property inventories are at an all time high. Gone are the days when you only had to sell the benefits of the house…now buyers have tons of choice and sellers are looking for only the most qualified agent to list their house.  Today, competition is stiff and sellers must be prepared to present their home in the best possible light. 

Successful real estate agents all agree…Staged Homes Sell Faster! 

Today’s average sellers are not equipped to stage a home without professional assistance.  Most homeowners have a disappointing wrong idea about how the house should look versus how it should look to make potential buyer’s go “WOW”.  With more houses taking longer and longer to sell, you need to know how to talk about, present, and make recommendations about what to do in order to make the listing sell fast.

Home Staging Is a Trend That Is Becoming A Standard In Real Estate. 
You Can Profit From It Now!

Each and every home presents an opportunity for Staging.  Curb Appeal is only the initial view, but there is so much more needed to create the “wow” factor.  Every real estate professional will have to know about staging as it becomes the industry standard that homeowners will expect from the agent they choose to hire.

In a perfect world, every real estate agent would come equipped with the necessary skills and tools to educate the seller on how to present their home for a fast sell.  Very few buyers will make an offer on a house that doesn’t get them excited.  Staging is a crucial important step needed to get a buyer interested in a house because it allows them to visualize themselves living in the property.  Staging showcases the house in the best possible light.  After all, we never get a second chance to create a great first impression so it is imperative that the house is “dressed to impress.”

How To Get the Knowledge, Understanding, and Resources
To Quickly and Efficiently Guide Sellers Through The Staging Process!

The Accredited Home-Staging Specialist (AHS) course focuses on giving you, the Real Estate Professional, the foundation and a solid overview of all the key aspects about home staging.  Home staging skills are not hard.  It can be quickly and easily learned just by following basic interior design principles which is detailed during the course.  After you get done taking this course, the knowledge will last a lifetime and you skills will become more instinctive as you practice.

See For Yourself How Much This Course Covers!

Section I - INTRODUCTION                                                                                

  • What is staging and how did it develop?
  • Why do staged houses sell faster?

Section II - THE PRINCIPLES OF STAGING                                                   

  • 4 Key Design Psychology Theories You Must Know                                             
  • Why Every Home Needs To Be Staged                                                   
  • The Most Critical Principles of Staging
  • How To Best Develop Your Eye for Staging
  • Principle Elements of Design                                                                 
  • 4 Key Components Of Composition                                            
  • Using Symmetry & Asymmetry Properly Inside and Out
  • Applying Basic Color Theory To Your Schemes                                       
  • Working With Patterns without Hassle                                                    
  • Creating Vignettes to Sell A House Fast                                                             
  • How to Properly Use the Five Senses to your Advantage                                                                          


  • How To Select A Good Landscaping Company
  • Why Use a Good Moving Company To Save You Headaches
  • How To Get Homeowners to Use a Storage Company
  • Finding a Skilled and Trusted Handyman
  • When To Use a Painter to Stage
  • Everything You Need To Know About Flooring
  • Why a House Cleaning Team Wins The Game Every Time
  • What To Do If You Need Inventory?
  • How To Get Plenty of Good Wall Art
  • When To Use and Not Use a Furniture Rental Company
  • Slipcovers to Rescue Old and Worn Furniture
  • 5 Catalogs Every Real Estate Agent Needs To Have
  • 4 Television Shows To Get Your Ideas Going
  • How To Build a Time-Saving Stagers Tool Box


  • Introducing Staging To Your Client
  • Determining How Much Staging Is Needed
  • Why Photographing Before and After Is Critical
  • How to Stage as a Real Estate Agent
  • 5 Staging Steps For Easy Staging Every Time
  • How To Make a Deal With the Kids To Keep It Neat

Section V - STAGING THE EXTERIOR                                                 

  • The Easy and Simple Way to Check for Curb Appeal
  • The 21-Step Exterior Checklist to Make The Best First Impression

Section VI - STAGING THE INTERIOR                                                             

  • The 5-Step Must-Do Interior Checklist
  • Setting Up The Grand Entrance For WOW!
  • Staging for Success…
    • The Kitchen
    • The Bathrooms
    • The Bedrooms
    • The Dining Room
    • The Home Office


  • Using the Rule of Three To Make It Easy
  • Practice Makes Perfect Visual Exercises.
  • Using Mirrors Effectively
  • Using Wall Art For Cost Effective Design

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