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Before Enrolling

RealtyU® Online is not the real estate school offering the course nor is it the Course Provider. RealtyU® Online is the largest national portal connecting real estate professionals like yourself with online Course Providers and local quality real estate Schools across the country.

If you therefore have questions about a specific course, be it the contents, whether it qualifies for CE, the way the website functions, etc. DO NOT contact RealtyU® Online as we will be unable to help you. You should contact one either the Course Provider or the real estate school you selected in your state. Details are provided under the Contact Us tab.

Please be aware of the following technology issue may impact your ability to successfully complete your course:
  1. Do not use the back and forward browser buttons. Instead, use the navigation within each respective course to move throughout it. In particular, in the final exam, use of the browser back button to return to previous questions will disable the final and you will not be able to reenter it.

  2. Do not use the AOL Browser. If AOL is your internet service, connect online, and then open another browser, either Internet Explorer or Netscape, to launch the course.

  3. Remove or disable any spy ware on your computer.

  4. If your online course includes a final exam you must complete all exams listed in the course menu to receive the credits.

  5. "Prof Dev" products and courses are not for credits. They are intended for professional enrichment only.

  6. If you have questions about a specific course, please refer to your enrollment e-mail for school contact information.

  7. For technical questions it is important that you contact the correct Technical staff to help you.
Good luck and enjoy your online learning experience.

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