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Welcome to the CNE - Certified Negotiation Expert Designation

Become a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE)
The Key to Developing Expert Real Estate Negotiation Skills

The Certified Negotiation Expert designation course is designed specifically to give Realtors® and real estate professionals, the knowledge, training and ability needed to become an expert negotiator – a vital skill required for real estate transactions.

The CNE course is a multi media, interactive course offered online through the RealtyU® Learning Management System and is based on the live negotiations course taught by the course creator and author, Tom Hayman. It’s as if you are learning directly from Tom in a virtual classroom with a “front-row seat.” You’ll get most of the benefits of a live classroom without the frustration of fighting traffic, taking a day off, or dealing with classmates who ask redundant questions wasting everyone’s time.

The CNE negotiations course offers over 12 hours of in-depth training broken down into several easy to complete sections. If you need to take a break, simply hit the pause button and come back another time. The course automatically remembers where you left off so you don’t have to worry about losing your spot! Best of all, you have six months unlimited access to the course once you enroll, so you can take it entirely at your own pace, and go back and do further study on sections that interest you. So you can take this course as many times as you wish.

Here are some of the benefits:

• Better results for your clients and yourself – Negotiation is a blend of using collaborative approaches to help identify and create value for all parties, and competitive approaches that help ensure you capture the value components you want. Understanding the dynamics of collaborative and competitive negotiating will most certainly help you achieve better results for your clients and yourself.

• Become more persuasive and convincing - Using proven persuasion principles can significantly increase your ability to successfully convince the other side to accept your offer. Scripts incorporating effective persuasion techniques should be included, and this will give you a distinct advantage over those who don’t use these proven approaches.

• “Whole Brain” communicating and negotiating - When people make important decisions like buying or selling a house, they make the decisions using emotions (right brain) and logic (left brain). Knowing how and when to impact each side of the brain will drastically improve your success rate.

• Planning – You probably have a marketing plan, a lead generation plan, an open house plan, and other systemic approaches for your real estate business. Effective negotiation training will show you the benefits of using a planning guide of some sort to better anticipate and prepare for your negotiations. Planning is one of the hallmarks of professionals in every field.

Become a Master Negotiator in real estate today.