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Purpose Driven Real Estate Planning for Successful Agents

Available only online this course walks agents through the do’s and don’ts of business planning to excel in a real estate career.
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The course provides more than just the theory behind creating a well constructed business plan but also provides various worksheet pages and fill-in portions covering:
  • Components and Mechanics
  • Revenue and Commission Structure
  • Expenses
  • Planning and Decision Making
  • Business Development
  • Accountability and Tracking
The course is designed to give you the knowledge to assemble all the required components of a business plan. You will learn the differences between revenue and income and how to properly separate your various expenses.
The course uses an actual real estate business planning system (offered by CreateAPlan) as an example and works through all aspects of the business such as listings, closing, the different real estate marketing expenses, different real estate commission splits, direct mail costs on just listed or just sold cards, newspaper and internet real estate advertising, flyers and brochures, signs, business cards, cell phone, lock boxes, auto expenses, closing gifts, and much, much more.

The course will cover your entire business development and lead you through creating a personalized weekly “To-Do” list for what must be accomplished in order for you to meet your goals.