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Help Topics

Course Sections
  • This course is divided into 6 Modules or Sections.
  • Module 1 has 2 parts.
  • You must complete the modules in order. You will have access to any module once you completed it the first time. You will not be able to access a module if the red dot is lit next to its name. For example, until you complete Module I, all other Modules will have a red dot. Upon completing Module I the red dot for Module II will be removed granting you access.
  • To start the course select Module 1 Part 1 and go thru the complete module.
  • At the end of every module there will be a "Done" button. When the "Done" button is clicked, the next module will turn yellow.
  • You can go back to any module that has been completed("Done") at any time.
  • To navigate within each Module of the course click the "Next" button to go to the next slide. Clicking the “Back” button will take you to the previous slide. If you wish to repeat a slide: 1) Click “Back” and when you are on the previous slide, 2) click “Next”
  • All slides have an audio track.
  • The slide will change as the instructor talks to highlight what he is talking about.
Student Tools
  1. Worksheets

    a. There are worksheets provided for your use in some of the modules.
    b. The first slide in that module will tell you which worksheets are used in that module.
    c. You may Click Here to download the worksheets in Adobe PDF format or the worksheet button on
         the left menu.
    d. If you don't have the current edition it is free by Clicking here or the Adobe Reader logo in the left menu.
  2. Email Instructor
    Clicking here will allow you to send an email direct to the instructor for assistance with the course.

  3. Calculator
    This is a simple pop-up calculator to help you with some of the math required for the course.

  4. Notepad
    You can take notes on each slide and store them for later reference. All of your notes will be kept in a database for you for review at anytime.

  5. Course Status
    This will show you where you have been in the course and how long you spent on each slide.