“After closing more than 1000 short sales in the last 11 years…I’m revealing my entire process during the Certified Short-Sale Professional (CSP) designation course.”

How To Master The Short Sale Process From A-Z, Implement Brilliant Short Sale Marketing Strategies,
And Identify Which Clients To Accept BEFORE
Wasting Time On Deals That End Up Falling Apart.

Nationally Recognized Online Designation Course Teaches Any Agent How To Be More Successful With Short Sales – Guaranteed or Your Money Back.

The real estate market has changed.  Lenders have tightened their belts and now it’s much harder for people to get a loan to buy a home.  Not to mention the fact that more and more people who bought in the last 5 years are now getting into financial hardship and need help.  Are you empowered and knowledgeable about this large market and how to serve it?

If you want to know how to earn more commissions during a down market, if you want to separate yourself from other agents, then this may be the single most important course you’ll take this year.

For an active professional, learning about short sales and foreclosures has become a prudent and necessary move.


Why Should You Become a Short Sale and Foreclosure Specialist?

The housing market is different.  Gone are the days when anyone could get financing for a home.  People who may have over extended themselves now need help.  This creates a tremendous opportunity and responsibility for real estate agents who understand the “in’s and out’s” of the short sale process.

The biggest problem with short sales transactions is knowing if a deal will be successful.  This course is unique because we show you how to pre-screen and select which short sales will be successful before investing a ton of effort.  Plus, this course teaches you how to work short sales just like the experts do everyday.  You’ll know how to make the process systemized, streamlined, and super easy.


Learn Exactly How an Active Agent Achieves an 80% Closing Rate - All With Fair Market Offers!

During this online course you’ll follow along from the convenience of your office or home and have a front row seat to a full-day seminar with short sale expert Jacob Swodeck.

For the past eleven years Mr. Swodeck has been in the trenches as an active agent processing and negotiating short sale and pre-foreclosure transactions.  His expertise comes from being a manager of a high volume short sale negotiating company and then as an active agent in the field dealing with a wide spectrum of clients and situations on a daily basis.

Specializing exclusively on short sales and pre-foreclosures, Mr. Swodeck has built a successful business, compiled a wealth of knowledge and developed innovative strategies and techniques which he has shared with thousands of agents during his seminars.

Now, for the first time, it’s available online


At the End of this Course, You Will be Able to do the Following:

  • Describe to your clients what a short sale is and how it helps them
  • Know if a short sale will be successful before signing a listing contract
  • Understand what needs to be included for successful short sale submission package
  • Know the importance of each item the lenders require for a short sale
  • Understand the meaning of “open market seasoning” and how it impacts short sales
  • Know the difference between how recourse and non-recourse loans affect your clients
  • Have multiple lead generation sources for short sale prospects
  • Know the timeline for the foreclosure process and how to extend it if necessary
  • Understand how to make simple quick calculations to determine if a short sale will be accepted by a lender


Just Look At How Much Valuable Information
You’ll Learn During This Course – Directly From A Short Sale Expert!


  • Learn The 5 Housing Market Conditions That Are Fueling More And More Short Sales.      
  • Where Is The Market Going And 4 Market Trends That Are Creating More Short Sales?
  • Discover why most negative options about short sales are completely wrong.      
  • How To Make Fantastic Money During A Down Market And Recession Proof Your Career.


  • What Is The True Definition Of A Short Sale?
  • How Do Sellers Benefit And 3 Sure-Fire Ways To Close 95% Of All Short Sale Listing Presentations.
  • How Do Lenders Benefit And 6 Reasons Why Lenders Love Working With Short Sale Experts.         
  • How To Find A Successful Short Sale Deal Upfront By Looking For These 3 Situations.         
  • Avoid Hassles Early - 9 Situations That Make A Short Sale Very Difficult And Highly Un-Likely.           


  • Learn The 15 Point Checklist For The Best Short Sale Submission Package.            
  • Why A Good Hardship Letter Is Just Part Of The 6 Part Hardship Package.             
  • What You Must Know About The Short Sale Application And Proper Financial Disclosure.
  • What The Banks Need To See From Two Most Recent Financial Statements?
  • Why You Must Get Two Most Recent “Full” Tax Returns.
  • 3 Important Facts About Two Most Recent Paycheck Stubs / Proof Of Income.     
  • Must-Know Facts About The Copies Of Each Mortgage Statement.                           


  • Secrets To Minimizing Open Market Seasoning Requirements From Banks.           
  • Real World Pricing Strategies That Dramatically Improve Your Odds And Make Life Easier.
  • How To Make Every Offer On The Property (Purchase Agreement) Move The Deal Forward.           
  • What You Need To Do When Getting Appraisals / BPOs To Avoid Hassles Or Mistakes.       
  • Little-Known Strategies To Make The HUD-1/Net Sheet Move Along.      


  • The Must-Know Must-Say Statement About Possible Tax Ramifications For The Seller.        
  • Critical Differences Between Recourse Vs. Non-Recourse Loans You Must Understand.     
  • 3 Must-Haves For Bullet-Proof Agent Protection.        


  • 8 Referral Sources For Tons Of Short Sale Prospects And Leads.
  • 7 Advertising/Marketing Tips For Certified Short-Sale Professionals.       


  • Special Section:   Notice Of Trustee Sale Postponement Tips    


  • Scenario #1  - The “Cookie Cutter” Short Sale               
  • Scenario #2 – The “Moses” Short Sale            
  • Scenario #3 – The “Plan B” Short Sale            


Now You Can Become a Recognized Expert Who
Easily Manages Pre-Foreclosure and Short Sale Transactions!

This program now also qualifies agents for the CSP Designation (Certified Short-Sale Professional). The CSP designation is managed by the Short-Sale Council, an exclusive membership organization specializing in assisting agents is mastering the skills of managing short-sale transactions.

Earn the CSP Designation In Just 3 Easy Steps!

Complete either an approved full-day live short sale class held by Jacob Swodeck or RealtyU or complete the approved CSP online class offered by RealtyU.

Complete the final examination with a passing score of 80% or better.

Be a member in good standing with the Short-Sale Council (first year’s dues of $99 are sponsored by RealtyU).


“Ironclad 100% You-Can't-Lose Money Back Guarantee!”

Because we're so confident you're going to benefit from the CSP course, RealtyU has placed its ironclad, 100%, you-can't-lose moneyback guarantee on the CSP course:

Take the course.  Learn how to be more successful with short sales and make the process easier.  If, within 180 days of completing the online Certified Short-Sale Professional course, you do not make one short sale, we'll refund 100% of the money you paid for the course!

Fair enough?

To get enrolled in the online Certified Short-Sale Professional course for the low price of just $299 or just three easy payments of $109,

(Remember: If you're not better trained to handle short sales and don't add at least one short sale to your annual production in 180 days. You pay nothing AND you keep the knowledge -- a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide!)

To order by phone: Call us at 435-359-6861 (8am - 6pm Pacific Time) and mention "CSP Enrollment." If you call outside of business hours, please leave us a message with your call-back number, the best time to call, and the name of the course.

To order by mail or fax, click here to print out an order form.

If you'd prefer to have us call YOU for your ordering information, click here.

As soon as place your order, you will be able to take the course immediately.

We’ll send you an email with complete access to the RealtyU online learning website.  You can take course whenever it is convenient for you, stop and come back at any time to continue. And you'll even be able to download and print the complete course manual if you wish.

Everything to become a Short-Sale Professional is just a few clicks away.

Over the years I’ve heard plenty of speakers … but none like Jacob.  He speaks in a down-to-earth manner, he’s hilarious and most importantly, he’s a short sale guru!  I trust him completely with my agents.  He has imparted a hope, focus and compassion to our office, which is rare for the market condition we are in.

—Dave Cargo
    Broker Owner of Keller
    Williams Realty Northridge

All the “secrets” of short sales were revealed openly without up-selling another product.  Super seminar - this is absolutely the best seminar on short sales I have ever taken with over 20 years in the business!

—Jerry Ascencio,
   Broker Owner of San
   Fernando Realty, Inc.

I would advise all REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS to learn about short sales from Jacob.  This way you learn the right way with confidence and without wasting valuable time.

—Edwin Ordubegian,
   Top Producer with
   Prudential California

It's a short sale boot-camp. Jacob really is generous with the knowledge he has obtained.

— Scott Laing,
   A.V.P., Sales Manager,
   Fidelity National Title
   Company, Los Angeles

Thank you for giving me the information to better understand the short sale process and the tools to allow me to be more effective in this market.

— Gwen Herbert
   Realty Experts

Direct and concise. There was a lot of information given out over a relatively short period of time with a feeling of walking away with knowledge which was conveyed with compassion for people in difficult situations.

— Ann Hobby
   Re/Max AllStars

The information was presented in a very organized systematic way that will be practical and useful to me in the future. Thank You.

— Lisette Olguin
   Re/Max AllStars

Thank you. I feel that I have a greater understanding of the short sale process.

— Carlos Flores
   Sanchez Realty

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