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Real Estate Careers

Is a Career in Real Estate Right for You?

If you have been searching for a career that will permit you to have more freedom and control over your own future than you might currently have – then a real estate career might be for you. Working in real estate may be one of the most satisfying careers to be found anywhere.

There are no limits in a real estate career - only self-imposed ones.

Despite this wide range of possible career paths within the industry, most real estate salespeople end up in residential sales. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that almost 90% of all real estate agents work in the residential field.

What are the Correct Steps?

So if you are thinking about a real estate career, the first step is to find out what the real estate licensing requirements are in your particular state. Get the relevant information from your state remembering that each state has its own laws and regulations concerning the licensing of real estate brokers and agents.

The next step is to get the right training. To do this you need to find a quality real estate school that has professional and experienced real estate instructors. Keep in mind that if you want to work in real estate, passing the real estate state exam is only your first goal. Therefore you need to find a real estate school that can remain with you for your entire real estate career. Find a school that can help you throughout the different stages of your real estate career.

What Characteristics do Agents Need?

Although many different personality types have succeeded with a career in real estate, there are a few major characteristics that make the chances of success far higher. People-orientation is widely recognized as the most important characteristic that improves the agent's probability of success.

Especially in the case of residential real estate sales, where there is a great deal of emotional involvement and the best agents are those who recognize this. Agents should have good communication skills and be sensitive to other people’s needs. A second important decisive factor of working in real estate is that detail-orientation will improve the agent's chances for success. Every home buying transaction involves numerous legal contracts that must be completed correctly.

The third quality trait that is important in this career is to be enthusiastic. This is a typical sales job and there will be days that every agent will become depressed. It is important to be able to remain positive and full of enthusiasm. Agents must continue to believe in the importance of the job or their job will suffer, resulting in decreased sales and lower earnings.

What are the Advantages of a Career in Real Estate

Research has shown that working in real estate offers many advantages not found in most other jobs. Foremost is the ability to earn an income, which is not limited by hourly wages or other factors. Real estate agents are paid for each sale they make. Since transactions occur daily in all areas of real estate, an agent’s earnings are limited only by the amount of time and effort he or she is willing to put into their career. Most sales agents work as independent contractors for the broker who holds their license. Appointments can be scheduled during times convenient to both the agent and his or her clients. This makes it easy to arrange a schedule to accommodate personal business and emergencies.

Real estate careers enjoy high levels of creative freedom. If they have a creative idea that they think will help them increase their sales, they are generally free to pursue it fully, without a boss stepping in to tell them that the idea won’t work on this job.

How Much Can I Earn in a Real Estate Career?

To work in real estate career, you must gain more knowledge, acquire new skills, work smarter, be more creative, and manage your time better. It requires effort but the financial rewards can be substantial. This is one career that can be an extremely lucrative career for those people who are willing to take the time to learn how to succeed. The NAR Members Profile report says that sales agents who have been in the field for six to ten years average about $48,000 annually. However successful agents earn well over $100,000 and real top producers make over a $1,000,000 a year.

Real Estate Grants for a Career in Real Estate

Every year the Real Estate Apprentice Foundation distributes $250,000 of grants in the form of education, products, services and cash to aspiring new licensees via a grant program. This is not a lottery or a sweepstakes and applicants must complete three essay questions. The benefit of this grant is however, the fact that no purchase and no pay back is required. To apply for a grant go to and complete the your application online.

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