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Skills Training Courses

The following list contains a series of short training sessions dealing with specific areas of the real estate transaction.  These are skills that are necessary to provide a solid foundation upon which to build a successful real estate career.  The sessions run from 30 to 90 minutes and examine each subject in detail.  Check out the following list and start building or reinforcing your foundation today.

   Skills Training Online Courses

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The real estate industry has evolved over the years from in-house listings to MLS on the Internet and everything in between.  We have seen changes in just about every part of the business with specialization in many areas.  One thing that has not changed, however, are the original tools of the trade which seem to have been over looked.

This Skills Series is designed to provide you with some sound tools and techniques that have been the basis of the industry since its beginning.  Their purpose is to help you list and sell more effectively and efficiently.  Licensing courses teach you about laws but they don’t teach you how to manage and promote your business or work effectively with customers.  You won’t find this training in the CE courses either – it has to come from those who have done it.

While there are many excellent designations that will provide you with specialized  education to help you within a market segment or group, today’s consumer is more interested in your expertise to help them buy or sell. 

Choose any Session for just $19.95.  Just add a Session to your shopping cart - you will have 90 days to access the session to ensure that you can master every bit of the information contained in the Session. 

How can you lose?  Start today and watch the impact on your every day way of doing business.  There are timeless golden nuggets in these sessions for every agent from Rookie to Seasoned Veteran.

Can you afford to say … I Know It All?

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How to Get Prospects

Personality Types

Understand the four basic personality types so you can identify people's "hot buttons" Know how to adapt your style so that you can create more empathy and trust.
Approximately 60 minutes

Understanding Clients

Finding out the true needs of your clients is surely the most satisfying part of your job. This skill also establishes trust and rapport. Do this – and you will establish an awesome reputation.

Approximately 45 minutes

Prospecting Techniques

Don’t let opportunities slip by – walk-in’s, people looking at your office window, FSBO’s and expired listings – they are all prospects! Find out how to approach people and establish rapport.

Approximately 60 minutes

Open House Prospecting

So you thought that your open house was just to get buyers? Right – and wrong! Learn from top producers who, as well as selling, prospect for listings at open houses. Understand that your open house guests are prospecting for you, so learn how to impress so you become their next agent.

Approximately 30 minutes

Database Prospecting

Become the agent of choice, discover the benefits of a “personal branding” program and learn how to out-profile and out-prospect the rest – to success.

Approximately 90 minutes

Prospects from Referrals

This session covers the importance of referrals to an agent's bottom line, and how to effectively cultivate a solid referral base as a lucrative source of listings. Done correctly, referrals can account for 80% of your business.

Approximately 30 minutes

Buyer & Seller Orientation Seminars

This session covers how to use buyer and seller orientation seminars to build your business. Topics include how to set up a seminar, how to market it, and how to follow up with potential clients. Seminars are a great source of additional business.

Approximately 30 minutes

Cold Calling for Prospects

This session covers tips, techniques and strategies for building you listings by using cold-call marketing. Why cold-call? Are phone scripts a good idea? How do you follow-up after a cold call? Answers to these questions are contained in this session.

Approximately 30 minutes

Income Farming

What is it? How do you set one up? What are the benefits? What sort of marketing material will you need? Find all the answers – plus “micro prospecting” techniques round your listings - in this session. Register now!

Approximately 45 minutes

How to Market Effectively

Understanding The Real Estate Market

Be known as the ”real estate agent” expert in your area, so that prospective buyers and sellers call you as their first choice. Find our how to become that person in this session; 21 Truths About Real Estate.

Approximately 60 minutes

Personal Profile Marketing

Power up your Personal Profile. Enjoy benefits this lesson brings. Learn how to write resumes for print and Internet, secrets of getting more listings from business cards and how to boost personal referrals.

Approximately 45 minutes

Classified Advertising

This session covers how to write an effective classified ad, and how to use it to market your listings more effectively. Topics include writing the ad, avoiding legal liability in an ad, and where to place ads for top effectiveness. A must for every agent!

Approximately 40 minutes

How to Get Listings

Listing Types

Know the advantages and disadvantages of different listings so both you and your prospective sellers can sell their home with confidence and to their best advantage.

Approximately 30 minutes

Listing Strategies

Use the great marketing and communication tools that this session discusses to turn an inquiry into a listing appointment. Learn how to give yourself the best chance to secure the listing when you take this session.

Approximately 90 minutes

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

"For Sale By Owner" is death to your bottom line. Every time a listing sells FSBO, you lose money! How do you convince a FSBO seller to let you market their home as well what motivates and concerns FSBOs are addressed in this session.

Approximately 50 minutes

Expired Listings

This session covers tips and techniques for prospecting expired listings. What issues do expired listings face? What objections are expired listings likely to have? How do you convince an expired to list with you?

Approximately 40 minutes

Getting The Appointment

Converting a vague enquiry into solid lead and then a listing opportunity takes real skill. Use communication and marketing tools the professionals use to make sure you make the most of every enquiry.

Approximately 90 minutes

Listing Presentations

Use the powerful Six Step Presentation method to make sure you are chosen to market your sellers listing. Use the power of questions to uncover seller motivations and ensure that they and you are working as a team to achieve the sale.

Approximately 60 minutes

Holding Open Houses

You’ve attracted buyers from your marketing, now it’s time to show the home to it’s best advantage and use your skills to get buyers to commit to the sale. This session gives you the knowledge that can help get sales on the board.

Approximately 30 minutes

Managing The Listing

You’ve secured the listing, so managing the seller and marketing their home are key activities to sell the home. This session tells you what top agents do to make sure they keep their seller satisfied.

Approximately 30 minutes

How to Work with Buyers

Qualifying Buyers

Build rapport and confidence by mastering vital qualifying skills. Benefit from this important session to create sales and save time for both your buyers and you.

Approximately 90 minutes

Matching Buyers To Listings

Increase your sales strike rate by understanding your buyers dominant buying motive. Use the 3-2-1 selection method to make sure you show the homes they need to see and buy.

Approximately 30 minutes

Private Showings

Learn the benefits of running good open homes. Meet and greet, gaining feedback, observing buying signals, having the right marketing material and knowing how to follow up are all the essential skills. This session teaches you the “how to.”

Approximately 30 minutes

How to Handle Offers

Getting Offers

Knowing the difference between true objections and those which are buying signals and using the Five Closing Techniques to get offers on paper are all skills you must know – because they pay big dividends.

Approximately 60 minutes

Presenting Offers

Presenting offers and professionally negotiating the close is the most important job an agent can do – that’s what we get paid for! Learn these vital skills and make sure you have all the tools in your toolkit to succeed.

Approximately 60 minutes

Negotiating Offers

The buyer and seller are almost there – bridging the gap is often the thing that stops the sale. Learn this lesson’s most important strategies that will help bring the deal together.

Approximately 90 minutes

How to Keep Clients

Building Relationships With Clients

Build client loyalty so that they move from becoming a prospect to your most staunch proponents. Move your sellers and buyers up the ladder of loyalty and watch your repeat and referral business flow in.

Approximately 30 minutes

Providing Service That Satisfies

Superb service distinguishes an outstanding agent from the rest. Stand out in a crowded marketplace and find out what you have to do to win. This session shows the key relationship strategies in building trust with a seller or buyer – things like being on time, doing what you say you will, finishing what you start, and using the “super seven” building blocks for success.

Approximately 60 minutes

Clients For Life

Build your business on superb service based on great business relationships. Learn the 7 key building blocks of service that will keep your clients and future clients coming back for more.

Approximately 45 minutes

How to Survive The Real Estate Business

Balancing Home & Work

Calling all workaholics!!! Take time out, recharge the batteries to make sure you perform well at work and stay in top shape at home. In this session, you’ll learn the strategies of succeeding both at the office AND at home!

Approximately 60 minutes
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